Bots Don't Belong On The Internet.

Congress doesn't belong between our legs.

Let’s put this CAPTCHA all over the internet to remind the world that lawmakers shouldn’t be planning our families.


A CAPTCHA is an automated Turing test, keeping unwanted internet bots from clogging up our comments sections. Our CAPTCHA will suggest that just as bots don't belong in our contact forms, congresspeople don't belong in our doctor's offices. The CAPTCHA will encourage signatures for Planned Parenthood's "Bans Off My Body" petition, making our voices louder with each and every use.

Why did we build this?

The American public agrees that Roe vs. Wade should be left in place. And we know public opinion influences the Supreme Court. So let's make sure our voices are heard loud and clear, reverberating across the internet with gusto — Congress, preserve our reproductive rights!

The making of

Do It For America.

Install the CAPTCHA. Save the world.

Every completed CAPTCHA encourages the viewer to sign Planned Parenthood's current petition, "Bans Off My Body." And the more signatures we can gather, the louder our voices will be. Install CAPTCHA for Congress on your site, and let's make our voices heard across the internet, and across the country.

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